How to Contact PlayStation Support

How to Contact PlayStation Support

If you are facing issues with your PlayStation console or need assistance from PlayStation Support? Whether you’re facing technical glitches, account problems, or other gaming-related problems. Here is a guide, we’ll tell you step by step several methods to contact PlayStation Support and get the help you need.

Call PlayStation Customer Service

If you prefer direct communication, calling PlayStation Customer Service is a convenient option. Contact number is 1 800 345 7669. Call in between 9 AM to 6 PM PST, Monday/Friday.

Live Chat with Support

Sony PlayStation have a live chat support:

  • Visit the PlayStation support page.
  • Find “Chat with us” button and click on it and you will be connected to a customer service representative.

Create a Support Ticket

You can create a support ticket through the PlayStation support website.

  • Go to the PlayStation support website.
  • Find “Submit a support ticket” click on it.
  • Provide information about your issue and submit it after few hours or days you will get an reply.

Send an Email

Emailing PlayStation Support is a suitable option if you prefer written communication or need an official response for your records. Follow these steps:

  • Email to help@ukplaystation.com.
  • Describe your problem in detail, also mention what steps you’ve already taken to solve the issue.
  • include your playstation account information and reply contact details.

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How to Contact Playstation 5 Support

For PS5 support, You will need to provide console’s serial number. Serial number is on the back of your PS5. When reaching out to PlayStation Support, they’ll likely request this serial number and additional information about your issue. With this information ready, let’s dive into solving your PlayStation-related problems efficiently.

We hope this guide simplifies the process of contacting PlayStation Support and helps you get back to gaming without any hassle.

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