How to Open PS5

How to Open PS5

You enjoying playing games for very long period of time on your Playstation 5 if yes then you should keep clean your ps5 from dust to avoid heating issues. Spending so much time with your PS5 can lead to a messy situation. Dust, crumbs from your snacks, and other debris can accumulate, turning your PS5 into a never-ending party host.

This debris buildup can cause problems for your console. It might overheat because the fans and vents get blocked, and its performance could drop as dust and debris build up on crucial components like heat sinks and thermal paste, which help disperse heat generated by the hardware. When your console is filled with dust, it may not work as well, leading to slowdowns or freezes during gameplay.

You might even notice strange noises coming from your PS5, resembling an old vending machine. This noise is due to dust interfering with the cooling system, making the fans work extra hard to prevent overheating. It’s incredibly annoying. That’s why it’s crucial to clean your console regularly, just like you maintain a clean car. So, let’s go through how to open and clean your PS5 properly. But keep in mind that disassembling your PS5 might void warranties, so there’s a bit of risk involved.

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Opening Up Your PS5 Console

Cleaning your PS5 isn’t just about wiping it down on the outside. While that keeps it looking neat, the real threat to its performance is dust buildup. For properly cleaning ps5, you’ll need to open it up. Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Lay your PS5 on its side so you can access the bottom.
  2. If PS5 stand is attached, use a screwdriver and carefully remove it.
  3. Now remove the panels on both sides of the console. Lift the back corner of each panel and slide them off gently.
  4. With the panels off, you’ll see the curved intake and exhaust fins at the top corners of your PS5. Grab a small brush and clean these top and inner crevices thoroughly. Then, use canned air to blow out any collected dust and debris.
  5. After cleaning, The intake fin on the side is can be easily removed. From the edges grip it and try to lift, and it should pop right out.
  6. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner with a thin hose attachment to clear out the dust catchers. You’ll need the thin hose to reach into all the nooks and crannies to remove the settled dust.

By following these steps, you can keep your PS5 running smoothly and avoid those pesky overheating issues. Happy gaming!

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