How to Connect PS5 to Hotel Wifi

How to Connect PS5 to Hotel Wifi

If you are a gamer and travel often with your PlayStation 5, In hotels you will be using it. However, hotel Wi-Fi can be a bit tricky.

Connecting PS5 to Hotel Wi-Fi

  1. Authentication Challenge: The main issue with connecting your PlayStation to hotel Wi-Fi is the authentication step that typically happens through a web browser. it’s confusing that it doesn’t happen automatically.
  2. Two Methods: PS5’s browser and second one is using your phone to authenticate the Wi-Fi.

Method 1: Using Your PS5’s Browser

  • Go to your PS5’s settings (the gear icon).
  • Navigate to Network settings.
  • Select “Set up an Internet Connection.”
  • Wifi networks choose hotel’s Wi-Fi network and connect.
  • When it fails, go back to your PS5’s settings and select User’s Guide, Health and Safety, and Other Information.
  • Open the User’s Guide, and this will prompt the PS5 to open a browser where you can enter the Wi-Fi password and agree to any terms.

Method 2: Using Your Phone

  • Follow the same steps as before until the connection fails.
  • Select “How to Authenticate.”
  • Select “Connect Phone to PS5,” and your PS5 will show eight-digit codes.
  • On your phone screen, try to find Wi-Fi which starts with “PS5-” followed by three unique numbers from your console.
  • On your phone put eight-digit codes, and a browser will pop up for you to log in to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

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Once done, Now you can enjoy your multiplayer games while on vacation. Remember hotel Wi-Fi may not be Fast because of many users already using it, but it’s better than nothing.

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