How to Put PS5 in Rest Mode

How to Put PS5 in Rest Mode

Your PlayStation 5 (PS5) has a feature called Rest Mode, which is different from turning it off completely. Rest Mode is like a power-saving hibernation state for your console. It can be quite handy because it allows you to do several useful things while your PS5 is not in active use.

Turning Off Your PS5

Shutting down your PS5 like a pc is important sometimes it clears the system memory and It is good for the console hardware health.

  1. Power Button: You will find it on the front of your playstation. it blends with the console’s surface but you will notice it. You’ll find it beneath the Eject button on the Disc version, or it’s the only button on the Digital Edition. Simply press this button to turn off your PS5.
  2. Control Center: Another way to turn off your console is by using the Control Center on your DualSense controller. Press the PlayStation (PS) button to bring up the Control Center taskbar menu. Scroll to the far right, where you’ll see power options, and select “Turn Off PS5.”

Putting Your PS5 in Rest Mode

Rest Mode is a bit like a power nap for your PS5. It’s not fully active, but it can do some useful things in the background, like charging controllers and downloading updates faster. Here’s how to put your PS5 in Rest Mode:

  1. Using the DualSense Controller: Press the PS button on your DualSense controller. This will bring up the Control Center taskbar menu. Scroll to the far right, where you’ll find power options, and select “Enter Rest Mode.”

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Managing Rest Mode

You can control how your PS5 behaves in Rest Mode.

  1. Open Settings menu.
  2. System Settings: Inside Settings, find and select “System.”
  3. Power Saving: Now, choose “Power Saving.”

Here, you can:

  • Adjust power consumption: Decide if you want your PS5 to use less power or stay connected to the internet to update content.
  • Set the inactive time: Choose how long your PS5 should wait before automatically entering Rest Mode when it’s not in use.

Remember, Rest Mode is great for saving power and keeping your games ready to play with fast loading times. However, turning off/Rest mode saves electricity bill and keeps console hardware healthy.

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