How to Check Ping on PS5 Warzone and Improve

How to Check Ping on PS5 Warzone and Improve

Do you know you can improve your ping means if you are experiencing lag it means your ping is high games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite and any other multiplayer game requires a good internet connection.

How to Check Ping on PS5 Warzone?

How to lower ping on PS5
How to Check Ping on PS5 Warzone

First you need to join a lobby or enter the online match, when you are in just press the Options button, Select Options and Go to the Account Tab.

In the Account tab you can see the Ping (Latency) is shown in real-time in the bottom right hand corner also the Packet Loss is displayed.

How to lower ping on PS5

Wireless connection is tension free but when playing games online it creates latency problems. For best online multiplayer experience you need to use Ethernet cable connection.

Check other users might be downloading which is why the ping is too high.

They might be downloading on their pc that is why you have lag and disconnections when playing online.

Restart the router so it can refresh its ip and this might resolve the high ping issue and if this doesn’t work try restarting the console.

Call your internet service provider and tell them that you are facing the high ping issue because this issue can be from their side and they will try to solve it for you.

Change your DNS and use a Free Google DNS.

If all the options cannot lower ping on PS5 than you should check the PlayStation services status and find out service is up and running or not.

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Once you get the normal ping you should check your TV display refresh rate because the online gaming you should get a 120hz TV to enjoy the best battle royal experience, if you have a 120hz display and your ps5 is showing that it is running on 60hz you should check the display settings in ps5 and reset the display.

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