How to Fix PS5 Controller Button Sticking Guide

Button sticking is a common issue for hardcore gamers because of hardly pressing the buttons or constantly pressing, these kinds of actions will invite the Button sticking.

Most of the time gamers have to buy a new controller or get the controller to the repair shop because of the button sticking and yes it is hard to get the button in its original shape after ps5 controller button sticking issue.

Fix 1: Try WD-40 Spray it around to Fix PS5 Controller Button Sticking

Basically WD-40 is a rust remover, degreaser and lubricant so it will solve the PS5 controller button which is sticky.

Directly spray the WD-40 around the button and use a towel to wipe it, once cleaning done, press the button for 2 to 3 minutes constantly so the lubricant can adjust itself into the button.

If this works repeat this process every week or in a month as a maintenance process, this will Fix PS5 Controller Button Sticking issue for forever.

Fix 2: Use Isopropyl around the PS5 controller button that’s sticking.

Isopropyl is mostly used for buttons if they are not working right, you can try it to DualSense sticking button, rub it around the button it is better to use a q-tip and gently rub the button gaps.

After the Isopropyl rub the alcohol around the button once done, constantly press the button for 2 minutes so these things can settle down in the button.

If the button is still sticking?

If the button is sticking after few hours or days, you should be doing these maintenance tips to completely fix it but if the sticking issue doesn’t go away then the issue is in the button, and you have to go to the repair shop.

And if you want to disassemble the controller and find what is causing the issue like the conductive rubber pad which is the most likely the culprit and replacing it with the new one.

But Disassembling the DaulSense is not easy you should be careful and I am leaving a YouTube link below carefully watch it and then follow it but before starting make sure you have all the tools.

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