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This is a big news week with the Nintendo Switch announcement and the Red Dead Redemption 2 let’s talk about video games,

Nintendo just announced their new console and everyone was right the rumors are pretty much confirmed.

Nintendo Switch is a hybird console between a home console and handheld
nintendo switch handheld

It has docking station when you plug it in you can play the games on the tv,

When you unplug it you play it as a handheld everything is detachable though even the controller’s controls are and you can use them docked into an adapter to play as more like a regular controller you can attach them to the screen itself and play with one on each hand if you want to some local multiplayer games even allow you to play with half the controller giving the other half to your co-op buddy or multiplayer opponent.
There’s also an intense which version of the pro controller as an alternative if you want to use that the trailer showed a lot of new games new zelda is obviously among them a new 3d Mario game and Maio Kart.

They also showed Splatoon which is unclear, Splatoon is just the port’s to the Nintendo switch and Skyrim remaster than NBA 2k17.
A lot of third-party developers and publishers have come out since saying that they will support the Nintendo switch in the future the list is huge.

Nvidia Custom Tegra APU for Nintendo Switch
Nvidia also confirmed that the Nintendo switch is using a custom version of their tegra processor and that’s pretty much all you’re going to get in terms of specs.

nintendo switch console

Nintendo is still committed to in March 2017 release date and that’s about all we know there’s still a lot of questions hanging in the air namely what’s the price of this thing also what’s the docking station doing is it providing more power or is it just charging the device?
Speaking of charging the device what’s the battery life on this and the controllers also use different batteries,

To charge when you plug it into the screen it will start the charging and Skyrim remaster this is a huge game what’s the storage will be on this device,

Is the handheld screen a touchscreen or not a touchscreen i mean the wii u game pad did have touch functionality but i don’t think Nintendo use it very well,

Throughout it’d lifespan Mario maker is probably the only thing that use that thing well also backwards compatibility?

I know a lot of the wii u games used two screens but this is a Nintendo we’re talking about so maybe they’ll come up with a solution that allows Nintendo wii u games to be played on the Nintendo switch also what about all the controllers that the Nintendo fans own already the pro controller and the if i was going to say the wii motes but when players still use those controllers on the Nintendo switch.
A lot of questions still hanging out in the air but Hey! this was a huge announcement, 4 minutes trailer that showed a lot of the functionality obviously in scenarios that are very unrealistic.

The official announcement now out of the way Nintendo can go into specifics up till march and yeah there’s gonna be the other big announcement was obviously Rockstars Red Dead Redemption Sequel and it’s called Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out on fall of 2017.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to come out to PC and here’s why i think that GTA 5 was the same thing originally only announced for xbox 360 and playstation 3 when it came to the new generation consoles it also came to the pc and they did some really good treatment on that game added a bunch of stuff including the first person view mode and also GTA 5 is still to this day one of the games on steam with the top users.

GTA online on pc along is bringing in a ton of money for rockstar games that would be done not to Release Red Dead redemption 2 on the pc but they also have the numbers of the amount of people who bought the game on console and then bought the game again on the pc and maybe that’s why they are making this move to announcing the game first only on the consoles and then towards the release date or maybe even after the release still announcer for pc that’s my guess at least.
The trailer shows off the open world and I’m not a lot of specific regarding the game itself apart from that the fact that it looks awesome but never judge games look by trailer and the amount of wildlife in this world is kind of insane i’m really looking forward to it.

red dead redemption 2 leaked map

The playable map was a leaked on NeoGAF and later confirmed by TechRadar.
This is what it looks like apparently the sequel willl feature a multiplayer component which obviously it will look at GTA 5 and how much money that’s bringing into rockstar and there’s a lot of fan theories going around but the most popular being is that this is actually a prequal going to tell the tale of John Marston’s gang some fans have put togather from this concept arts that the silhouettes correspond to Marston and some other characters that they’ve seen in the previous games those are just theories but they do seem to be very plausible,

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a real thing now and it’s one of the games that I’ve seen the most fuss about on the internet leading up to this year’s e3.

I think there were a lot of rumors and lot of people looking forward to an announcement it just happens hey be happy on a side note the first red dead redemption will coming to Playstation now so we’ll be able to stream it on pc not the same as a pc release but and those are obviously the big stories this week.
We have also had some smaller stuff now we’ve got another video game delay

Watch Dogs 2 delayed on PC for 2 weeks

It has been delayed for two weeks the original release date was on November 15 now the pc version is coming out on November 29 along with this Ubisoft has provided the system requirements for this game the minimum specs look normal but recommended specs are all over the place recommending a GTX 780, GTX 970 or GTX 1060 i mean which one is promised the frame rate uncapped on the pc and it will suppport 4k so it looks there’re putting a lot of work for the PC port but we’ll see what the final game comes out.

They said that they want some extra time to work on polish which i’m a bit skeptical about the Ubusoft games have been coming out on consoles first and later on pc like a week or a month later for a very long time and this seems like a sales strategy rather than they need some more time to do extra work to polish stuff.
Ubisoft is really concerned about piracy and releasing the game first on is a good way to fight off piracy in those first sales and also how many times ubisoft said that we’re going to work harder on PC version of the game and the games came out completely bummed.

I’m just a bit skeptical as they are reasoning but it’s not a huge delay anyway not a big bummer just sounds dishonest.

GTA V mod that replaces the Sticky Bomb with Note 7 don’t laugh
GTA Mod Sticky Bomb Note 7
GTA V PC Mod which will replace the Note 7 with Sticky Explosive
The last news that is very funny the modders have done it again GTA 5 player has created a mod that swaps the games sticky explosives with model of the Samsung galaxy note 7 so basically you can just throw around note 7 and make everything blow up,

i thought that was hilarious but Samsung did not think this was hilarious Samsung issue a dmca take down and the video was taken down from Youtube so just comes across samsung you can’t take a freaking joke can you this is a clear case samsung is abusing the youtubes dmca tool to suppress some negative publicity regarding their note 7 the takedown was contested the video has been reinstated to YouTube now so YouTube has denied samsung’s dmca takedown.

That’s enough for today, please leave comments below.

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