Sony is rumored to be Working on upgraded PlayStation 4.5 with 4K Support


From unnamed Developer Sources, The Sony Company has started work on an upgraded PlayStation 4 Gaming Console. This new Version won’t be PS5 or Fully Changed.

Instead, the GPU Power will be more than current PS4 GPU Power, so it can produce 4K Gaming.

The Company has already Started informing developers about it, and the report says. they are calling the new version PS4.5, Well it can be just a code-name or beta name as it is not commercial name of it.

The Report Claims that the Upgraded GPU in the new version of PS4 will also enhance the games support by PlayStation VR Headset it will be launched in the fall. And Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the competitors of PlayStation VR they use The Power of PC and Sony will have to give more power to PlayStation VR to Compete with them.

Currently PS4 can output 4K Videos and Photos, But not the games. the new rumored PS4.5 Will make it possible for developers to produce 4K Gaming on it because of the Improved GPU.

The Company is not commenting on this rumor, but this rumor is coming from many sources and this product will not launch in 2016 rumor says and if it does it will be for $400.

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