PS4 Pro UpScaling Games, Native 4K or 60FPS

PlayStation 4 Pro has many games patches coming but Here we are going to talk about those games which already got the patch and

Do we really have much difference between native 4k and up scaled 4k game?

Here i am bit confused as you gonna find Native 4k game on PS4 Pro but it will not be 60fps if we have both the graphics will not be impressive.

Are you feeling like you will have to compromise? Nope the up scaling is not good its great and if you have a HDR 4K TV then you should try PS4 Pro Games that are not 4k native,

When you see the games that you don’t know that they are not Native 4k you will not much notice them or they do not have much difference honestly.

We all think that up scaling will be not worth it but let me tell you the Killzone Shadow fall is not Native 1080p, The multiplayer runs at 960 by 1080 resolution.

Guerrilla Games used technique called “high-quality temporal upscale.”

“When up-scaling an image from one resolution to another, new pixels are added by stretching the image in X/Y dimension,” he said. “The values of the new pixels are picked to lie in between the current values of the pixels. This gives a bigger, but slightly blurrier picture.

“Temporal re-projection is a technique that tracks the position of pixels over time and predicts where they will be in future. These ‘history pixels’ are combined with freshly rendered pixels to form a higher-resolution new frame.”

I myself played Killzone Shadowfall and believe me i did not notice it and i don’t think anybody will as it is up scaling few pixels but its a great technique and it can give PS4 more life cycle.

In the old gen consoles the Xbox 360 was the good up scaler and because of it, Xbox 360 lived long.

Playing on Xbox 360 enjoying games in full hd (up scaled) was great and in PS3 the games were in 720p which was not good 🙁

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End is the Best graphically impressive game on both systems i think and In PS4 Pro you can play the game in 1440p and originally it was fullhd,

The game runs on 30fps but They have great Up scaling technique so this time you will feel like xbox 360 not like ps3,

So It runs like native 4k if you don’t too much think it and just enjoy the game.

At last i think games are to enjoy, If you try to notice that the game is not native and you think again and again by looking the new places in the game then you will not have much fun but if you leave the all technical stuff and enjoy the gameplay, graphics you gonna love everything because games on PS4 Pro have Amazing Graphics.

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