Project Scorpio will be Most Powerful Console Ever Made, Microsoft Believes

Xbox Scorpio Announced a 4K Console

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a New Console Xbox Scorpio, calling it a “beast” in Power and Aaron Greenberg the Xbox marketing head has said that they will release more first-party games next year, it is good to know that Microsoft is focusing on producing games.

“Of course the games is what it’s all about, right?”
“This year we’ve shown that over the next year we’ll launch more first-party games that we’re developing with our internal studios and our partners that we’ve ever had in the history of Xbox.”

in Xbox Media Briefing Microsoft revealed that the new console Scorpio will release in Holiday 2017, Scorpio will have 8 cores cpu, 320 GB of memory bandwidth, and it will boost 6 teraflops of power and this will allow uncompressed 4K gaming, great news for 4K gaming users as this will result better graphics and better first party games on Project Scorpio.

Here is what Aaron Greenberg said:

“We’re building a beast,”
“It’s gonna be the most powerful console ever made, and as a guy who was here when we built the original Xbox, that being such a powerful box, and we pioneered with Xbox Live, and some of those innovative games, it really feels like we’re getting back to our roots.”

Aaron Greenberg also said about the excitement of Project Scorpio:

“I think the team here, we’re all gamers and we love what we do–and I’ve never seen the morale this high,”
“People are fired up about what we’re delivering this year for our fans, and the vision of what we’re doing with Project Scorpio. It’s a pretty special time.”

We hope it to be more powerful console and previously Sony announced its 4K Console PlayStation Neo but Sony has not shared any further details about its Neo console in PlayStation E3.

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