How to Make PS5 Primary Console

How to Make PS5 Primary Console

Getting denied access to your PS5 games when you’re not online can be frustrating. This may happen if your PS5 isn’t set as the primary account holder. Setting your PS5 as the primary account is quite straightforward, and we’ll guide you through it.

How to Make PS5 Primary Console Account:

Step 1: Access Settings

  • Open the Settings menu.

Step 2: Go to Users and Accounts

  • Scroll down and select “Users and Accounts,” which is the fourth option in the list.

Step 3: Access Other Options

  • Now, select “Other,” which is the sixth option on the list.

Step 4: Open Console Sharing & Offline Play

  • Choose “Console Sharing & Offline Play,” which is the first option on the list.

Step 5: Enable Console Sharing

  • Finally, press “Enable.” This action will set your PS5 as the primary account. Now you can share games with others and they can play games offline.

Still if you see the “Disable” error, you might be facing a different issue because Your PS5 was already set as the primary account just recheck to make sure.

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What Is Console Sharing With PS5 Primary Account?

Console sharing and offline play link a console to your account. This feature will allow you to share your games with others. If you have PlayStation Plus membership they can also use it.

If you sign in with your account in your friend’s PS5 you will have access to your digital games library.

The console you enable this on can run all your games and media, even when offline. You can access downloaded games, certain PS Plus benefits like Game Help and online multiplayer, and games in your library.

This feature is handy for sharing games and content, even when you’re not physically present, making it perfect for families and close friends.

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