How to Charge PS5 Controller

how to charge ps5 controller

If you’ve just got a new PS5 or are having trouble charging your controller, don’t worry! We’ll explain how to charge it in easy steps.

How to Charge PS5 Controller with a Type C Cable

Easy way to charge your PS5 controller is by using the usb c cable that came with it.

  1. Connect the usb cable to controller.
  2. Connect the other end to your PS5 usb c port or normal usb port found in the back of console.
  3. The controller’s light will turn orange, showing it’s charging. It will go off when fully charged. You can even charge it while your PS5 is in rest mode.

Using Your Phone Charger

If you don’t have the PS5 cable, you can use a Type C phone charger with these steps:

  1. Connect the cable’s Type C end to the controller.
  2. Plug the other end into a power socket.
  3. Turn it on. When the orange light stops blinking, your controller is fully charged.

Charging Station

Sony offers a charging station for your controllers.

  1. Power up the charging station.
  2. Place your controllers on the station with the terminals facing downward.
  3. After turning it on the orange light will glow. When it stops, your controllers are charged.

Tips for Charging Station

  • Make sure you have the right cords.
  • Check if the USB port on the station works.
  • Ensure your USB cables are in good condition.

Using a Smart TV

If your smart TV has a USB port, you can connect the controller with a Type C cable. Keep the TV powered on, and it should charge. If its not charging, try different tv usb port OR different usb c cable.

Charging from Your PC

You can also charge your PS5 controller through your PC:

  1. Connect the Type C end to the controller.
  2. Plug the other end into your PC’s USB port.
  3. Wait for the orange light, then disconnect when it stops.

How Long to Charge?

Don’t overcharge your controller. Only charge it when needed. The PS5 charging station monitors battery temperature to prevent damage. So, charge responsibly.


If your controller isn’t charging:

  1. Check if the cable is damaged. Try a different Type C cable.
  2. Use an alternative charging method.
  3. If nothing works, visit a Sony service center.

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You can charge your PS5 controller in various ways: using the PS5, a Type C cable, your PC, or TV. There’s also a dedicated charging station. Remember, charging responsibly helps your controller last longer.

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