Counter Strike 2 Online is coming!

Counter Strike 2 Online officially revealed

Valve has exciting news for gamers: they are currently working on Counter Strike 2, which will be released soon. While an exact date hasn’t been announced yet, it’s expected to launch in the near future.

The game has undergone a complete overhaul, as revealed in Valve’s official tweet. One of the new features is smoke grenades. The interesting thing is that every player, regardless of their location on the map, will see the smoke in the same way. The smoke will also be rendered in 3D and interact with the environment, filling up spaces realistically instead of just hanging in open areas.

Valve aims for a Summer release this year, which is impressively fast considering that the game is more of an extensive upgrade rather than a completely new creation. The game’s maps will remain largely the same, but there will be improvements in lighting and other areas that will be showcased. Valve assures players that the layout changes won’t be significant, so navigating the maps should still feel familiar.

One of the most notable and important features, particularly for professional players, is the new sub-tick feature. This enhancement allows the servers to accurately track when you fire your weapon or move. Previous versions had a small delay, but this has been eliminated, ensuring instant feedback for all players and preventing issues like lag or missed shots.

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There are numerous other new features in the game, so it’s worth exploring them all. We’ll keep you updated with additional information as Valve releases it.

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