Tesla What’s Next

Tesla What’s Next

If you don’t know that Tesla is the electric car maker company and this year it announced Tesla Model 3.

Before moving what’s next for Tesla motors we should take a look on their previous plans,
Here is what plan one was to build a super expensive low volume car, They did that with Roadster.

Step 2 is use of proceeds from the Roadster to build a more affordable family sale car, They did that with the Model S and the third step in test phase one master plan was to build a way more affordable mass transit car for everyone and Tesla is doing that with the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 everything you need to know

So now it is time for Phase two and if you don’t know Tesla goal has always been to promote sustainable fuel not necessarily to always make money and people buy their own Tesla cars, That’s why they release all their patents publicly, So goal phase 2 is to address all the different modes of terrestrial transportation.

What to expect from Tesla’s phase two master plan?

First Solar City merger makers a lot more sense, Elon wants beautiful solar roofs on all houses usually connected to Tesla’s battery packs that got things interesting not surprisingly more body styles based on the mouth architecture so we’ll see a crossover SUV and we’ll see a new type of pickup truck don’t know what that means but pickup truck powered by electricity coming soon,

Even then he went on to address other modes of mass transportation things like buses Yes there will be a electric bus and there will be Tesla big rig both of which are expected to make their debut sometime next year.

Elon Claims Tesla Cars to be Fully Autonomous

Next 3 to 4 years Elon musk claims cars to be fully autonomous meaning you can just go to sleep in the back, Tesla’s got some plans for full autonomy especially if you want a car to come pick you up and Tesla’s own fleet of cars will just drive up pick you up take you where you want to go,

IF you are a Tesla owner want to make some money from your car to actually let your car to join that cool or you’re at work your car can just be on it’s on and pick people up and come back and you can make some money from it, i don’t know how i personally feel about someone else sit in my car and how they would treat it but it’s an option to make some money now from your automobile.

So a ton of Tesla news as a huge fan of electric transport and a huge fan of Tesla Company in general and i am super excited what do you guys think about phase 2 you interested in any of this.
Guys let me know in the Comments Down Below.

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