Tesla Model 3 everything you need to know

Tesla Model 3 everything you need to know

Tesla has officially revealed the Model 3 and it is on Pre Orders, it is their most important car yet. Tesla Company CEO Elon Musk shared that in just 24 hours 115,000 People pre ordered the Tesla Model 3.

We all know that they have the high reputation because of the only one maker of pure electric car and their cars can compete with petrol cars that’s absolutely amazing, they have made this reputation and their trust on consumers from the previous models Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X these both were successful and now we have to see this new car of this company how well it will do.

Here are the Some Key Features of the Tesla Model 3:

At least 215 miles per charge
0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds
$35,000 base price
Front and rear trunks
Enough interior room for five adults
Autopilot hardware

The Design of the Model 3 is Mix of Model S and Model X but it is really nice looking car and Elon Musk has promised that it will feature the most of cargo capacity of any car, Musk also says that it passes the “surfboard test” means if you in a mood of surfing than you can fit the surfboard in the car.

Model 3 Dashboard features the Big Screen just like a tablet but big with it you can control car like sunroof, map, car stats and other information.

Tesla Model 3 Will launch on end of the next year and then Tesla is hoping to build more superchargers up to 7,200 and they are thinking to also quadruple the number of destination chargers up to 15,000.

The Tesla Company is hoping to have 441 locations from around the world at the end 2017, as of now they only have 215 locations around the world and that’s why they are working to cover more and more.

Now Tesla company have to focus on their production line so they can produce the cars as many as consumers are demanding it is a challenge for them as the latest figures of the pre orders are 276K.

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