How to delete Facebook Account

How to delete Facebook Account

Facebook had the biggest Security Breach in its history which results 50 Million Users Accounts are at risk.

It happened on September 16 and took Facebook company 11 days to stop and recover from it,

So if you think your account is effected by it or you think that Facebook is not safe place any longer you can still delete your account which will delete all of your data attached to it.

You can back up your personal data than you can erase your profile from facebook.

  1. Download your Personal Data from Facebook

If you are using Facebook from many years you will have hundreds of photos or videos in your account and Like it or not Facebook collects all the information about you like which ads you clicked, where you have logged in, times and dates and posts, comments.

Before going to completely delete your profile, You can download all of this information here is how.

Go to your account settings and find and click ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’.

  1. Delete your personal posts and photos

Normally Facebook deletes your account completely in 90 days so before 90 days your account will show up with your posts and photos.

If you do not want this and want to erase everything instantly than you can install the Social Book Post Manager which is a chrome plugin and will help you delete multiple Facebook posts, photos instantly.

  1. Delete Facebook Account

Account deleting page is not accessible from account settings page so you will need to follow this link:


Remember that it can take upto 90 days before everything deleted from Facebook servers and once account is deleted it cannot be recovered.

If you are deleting your facebook account, tell us why? in the comments section.

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