Best Email Service 2018

Creating an email account is easy But Which is the best email service? So than you do not need to change the service later.

Below is the list of Top 5 Email Providers, In this Article we will highlight best email service providers, These have good free service with ads and  some limits.

Best Email Services 2018:

No 1. Gmail
Gmail received a huge redesign back in April with some great features
User-friendly interface
G Suite enables more options
Premium service is bit expensive

No doubt the Google email platform is the leader in the market with more than billion users.

Gmail has the best interface as the main focus is on Inbox and the design is neat and clean also if you are new user you will find it very easy to write and send emails.

Google has categorized the main messages with 3 tabs Primary, Social and Promotions, So you do not get disturbed by seeing everything together.

Gmail has the best spam protector, It moves unneccessary emails to junk folder.

The main benefit to get gmail account is that you can connect to other Google Services with your Gmail account like Google Drive (15GB free for file & photos backup), Google Plus, Chrome Account, And many other great services that google offers.

No 2. Outlook

Stylish inbox
Events and Calendar features are great
App-based integrations

Microsoft Email Service Outlook interface is great and The toolbar provides quick access to common features.

The special thing about Outlook is the service automatically finds the important email and puts it into the focused inbox.

Sharing the calendar with Office 365 users or any other Outlook user is easy and You can Share OneDrive files or links and Outlook has great attachment system also you can attach third-party cloud files.

Upgrading to Office 365 (Paid Plan) you will get 50GB inbox storage and Free from ads also 1TB OneDrive Cloud storage other awesome features.

No 3. Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail redesigned and improving
1TB of mail storage
Disposable email addresses
Good interface
Not many options

Once the dominator of mail services is now days not much popular but the new design and service quality is getting it back.

The new interface design and look feels good and also the security is improved.

Still there are few problems like not as fast as other 2 or Mail organization is not quite good as other and not many low-level settings.

But still it is improving so day by day the issues are getting less.

Yahoo also offers business Mail with some great features like use this service with Custom Domain.

No 4. Zoho Mail
Zoho Mail offers online office tools
Upto 25 users
Freebie in free plan
Office and collaboration tools

Zoho is competing with other services which are really good but Zoho is offering many great features for business oriented mail service.

Zoho offers office suite, document, and many useful tools and the service is very easy to use.

Interface is user friendly the folders, filters, smart search and many others.

Free plan lacks email forwarding and for other business useful options you will have to upgrade to their paid plan.

You will find many same free features on other email providers but This email service offers good free features for businesses.

No 5. ProtonMail
ProtonMail end-to-end encryption email service
Supports End-toEnd encryption
Limited Support
Only 500MB storage for free user

This email service is for those user whose concerns are privacy, ProtonMail is a Swiss-based email service.

The messages are encrypted by the sender but the third party does not have a means to decrypt them, and stores them encrypted. The recipient retrieves the encrypted data and decrypts it themselves.

ProtonMail supports end-to-end encryption for messages,

This means that only the communicating users can read the messages.

No logging of IP addresses and because it is a free plan it has limits, 500MB storage and 150 messages per day, No folders or filters.

ProtonMail offers paid plan which unlocks the limits.

Please leave your comments below and let us know which is the Best Email Service.

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