Apple iPhone Pro 11 Event Everything you want to know

In the event Apple announced new hardware products, Now we finally see how iPhone 11 looks it still has notch but improved cameras.

Apple started off showing the new 7th gen iPad.

New iPad 7th Gen

Photograph: Apple
Its an affordable iPad $329 with a little bit larger screen 10.2 and has keyboard connectors, first gen apple pencil support.

Apple is still using A10 fusion chip for it as 2018 model has the same chip.

iPhone 11 Pro

Photograph: Apple
The new iPhone 11 Pro is 5.8 inch and iPhone Pro Max has 6.5 inch screen, these 2 are the high end iPhone models,

The display is improved OLED which apple is calling Super Retina XDR. Both iPhones will come in 4 colors.

iPhone 11 Pro and Max will have triple lens system,

an telephoto the other one will be wide and third will be superwide lenses.

Battery has got a impressive bump from iPhone XS 4 hours more on iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max will have 5 hours more battery compared to XS Max.

Price of 11 Pro is $1,000 and Pro Max $1,100.

iPhone 11

Photograph: Apple
This is iPhone 11 but it is a successor of XR, 6.1 inch screen and iPhone 11 will be for $699 a budget iPhone.

It will have 2 dual lens camera not triple system like pro, 11 has six color options to choose from and Also an hour of improved battery compared to XR.

Apple Watch Series 5

Photograph: Apple
New Watch 5 with always on display with low energy and 18 hours of battery.

A new compass function and improved health functions..

Apple Arcade

Photograph: Apple
Apple shared more details on its gaming service called Arcade, There will be 100 titles when the service launches this month 19.

Arcade is $5 per month which looks a good start for the service.

Let us know in the comments what you were expecting from the Apple Event…

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