3 Weeks Review of Newest Samsung Galaxy S8

Now a days people don’t get excited about next galaxy phones because the phone maker companies Samsung and other’s don’t make smartphones very different from other smartphones like no exciting new things, no new innovations.

That is why this time Samsung tried to do something different with its latest flagships Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus just like Apple.

But the question is

Why try a new thing with Newest Galaxy Phone and take risk?
Beautiful Design

From six past months Samsung company is dealing with biggest public crisis that any electronics company has faced in modern times.

Samsung’s Note 7 was the phone which had a critical design flaw because of that its battery was caching fire.

Samsung twice recalled the phone to fix the issue and finally canceled the Note 7 entirely.

There were some challenges for Samsung to produce a new next galaxy phone that can bring its reputation back and get people excited with new features that no any other smartphone offers and make people forget about all phones that were caching fire last year.

So i’m going to be talking about my first impressions about next galaxy phone,

First of all i am fulltime iPhone user so this is a bit of an outsider’s perspective so as an iPhone user,

I’ve got to say that this is the first that a non-apple phone is the most beautiful Hardware out there on the market,

This thing just feels very well-engineered the way that the screen goes edge to edge which you’ve all seen by now is the new standard of how good a screen can look,

There’s a lot of rumors that this is where Apple’s can be going in the next iPhone but this time Samsung absolutely beat them to the punch.

Apples going to have to play catch-up, my favorite thing about the screen update is how much narrower it allows the phone to be this is obvious but it really means you can wrap your hand all the way around like i set up a non plus model and i get all the benefits of the big screen and being able to one-hand it.

So this is going to be the size that i would absolutely choose this infinity screen is made possible by the curved edges which we already saw in S7 edge but this feels so much more refined,

The S7 edge actually had a bit of a sharper edge and this is a very smooth well-integrated curve all the way around and  also the angle of the curve is a little less extreme.

The Next Samsung Phone Screen is much larger so VR experience will be good
Gear VR with Galaxy S8

And Because of large screen they do have to keep the home button visible most of the times.

There’s actually not a lot of times that the interface will show you the full edge to edge screen obviously you can zoom in when you’re watching a video or looking at photos but most of the time the visible part of the screen is a similar size.

I think this is going to get better in the future of software design,

what i saw in the LG G 6 is that you often had to swipe up from the bottom to bring back the home menu and i did not like much.

It looks like that the last year Note 7’s battery explosions made Samsung to really care about things more and I think Samsung figured it out the way that they’ve discussed it publicly,

All the assurances they’ve made make me feel like they care consumers and they really can’t afford to do this again.

New processor architecture allowed the newest galaxy phone to run about twenty percent more efficiently so that is probably all going to screen so probably going to see kind of smaller battery life maybe even little bit less.

There’s a few different options for the unlocking the phone including the iris scanner which I’ve been told a similar level of security to fingerprint scanning.

Because of the new screen design they had to move the fingerprint scanner off the home button into the back of the phone I totally don’t like it and it is right beside the camera and every time you will try to unlock the phone your finger will touch to the camera.

Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus have Fingerprint button on its Back?
Fingerprint Sensor Button with Camera
Facial Recognition Sensor

For me its fingerprint scanner is not a thing which i can use every time to unlock as it is difficult to find it without watching.

Facial recognition way of logging is a really convenient, worked most of the time.

I’ve heard it’s not a secure way but for me it’s not a big issue and it also works if you wear glasses.

I’d love to see them at the depth mapping that Microsoft is using an air facial recognition because I have heard that photos can trick the Samsung so I think it will need a little more secure so you can actually like if you just see there’s a real human face.

I think it’s great that they’ve kept the headphone port I’m not a big fan that Apple removed it and also having USB C at the bottom this is the charger I love everything to have now I’m ready for new USB C PC world.

Samsung is really energized about their new Bixby personal assistant and you can tell because they added a dedicated hardware button on the phone that is very surprising for a completely new feature.

Bixby Voice Command
Bixby Camera Search
Uber App of Bixby

All the features for Bixby have not rolled out yet right now it does some of the basics.

It’s a little strange that Samsung duplicating all those functionality just like they duplicate all of the apps that Google does as well,

So we will have to wait and see can Samsung make the Bixby useful or it is just an extra button on Samsung Galaxy S8.

The rear camera goes unchanged and same like S7 but it is a great excellent camera,

They’ve upgraded the software a bit to integrate multiple exposures in different ways that i have not really understood yet,

I couldn’t see it in my initial tests have to look at the photo bit more carefully to see what it’s really doing but for now it’s the same great 12 megapixel.

Samsung did redesign the selfie camera it is now 8 megapixel.

Also i love the software update that allows you to flick up to selfie mode this feels like what every camera should go down probably.

Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is looking better and better is getting closer to stock android in a lot of ways.

With Newest Galaxy Phone S8 Samsung has taken risk a new smartphone design that look like a High-Tech device lost by aliens,

A new screen design and with high price of $720 to $750 that can win people but it is a step forward that right now we can’t say that it is in perfect right direction but somehow it is indeed in right direction with new things so people can get excited and we hope that Samsung has learned from Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Gallery
Rear 12MP Camera
12 Megapixel Camera
Front 8MP Camera

Wireless Charging
Water Resistant
Newest Galaxy Phones S8 & S8 Plus

Netflix on Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 Redesign

Big Screen S8
Samsung Dex

Please leave your comments below how you like the new design, screen and what you think about its high price?.

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