MacOS 10.14 Mojave 7 Tips and Tricks

Apple has released the latest MacOS 10.14 Mojave you can download and install it now.

This is the guide of top Mac Mojave tips and tricks will help you take control of Mojave and get use to.

  1. Mojave Dark Mode for Night

The new surprising feature of 10.14 Mojave is Dark Mode, it looks great and will help you work till late night.

Dark Mode makes it more comfortable to work on Mac at night or in low-light environment and It is really easy to switch between Dark and Light modes just open System Preference > General and Select mode which you like.

  1. Use Quick Actions in Finder Mac Mojave

Finder is now more powerful like now Gallery View you can preview of your files and Preview Pane shows the files information just (Command + Shift + P) and edit files directly in Finder using Quick Actions.

Now it has ability to rotate images, edit videos and more without going to any other app.

  1. Organize Desktop with Stacks

MacOS Mojave introduces Stack feature now your desktop will be a lot cleaner as it gathers all files into easy-to-manage groups or into file type groups.

Just click on the group of image or file it will expand the all the files.

To use Stacks on Desktop click, View in the menu bar in Finder and select “Use Stacks” and choose how you want Stacks to be grouped by.

4 Stronger Passwords in Mojave

In MacOS 10.14 Safari will auto suggest strong passwords when you sign up for any account, passwords will be unique and secure and will be not easy to crack.

And it will remember your password and the site in future it will fill the login details for you so you do not need to remember the passwords or use same password for different sites so you can remember the password.

  1. Safari tabs with website icons

MacOS Mojave brings website icons, it will be easier to keep track of open tabs with easy to identify icons of websites.

This is a great feature which was missing and now you can quickly jump to site which you want to in Safari 12.

Here is how you can use this feature just go to Safari preference and go to “Tabs” select “Show website icons in tabs”.

  1. Screenshots

Apple improved the Screenshot feature in MacOS Mojave just press Command + Shift + 5 and the new Screenshot tool will show up.

Now you can take screenshots and quickly edit them, add text, colors etc.

And you can send the screenshots as message or email and also there are also some advance options.

  1. New MacOS Mojave App Store

The new MacOS 10.14 Mojave App Store is completely redesigned not just redesigned it is now completely easy to browse the store, New app tabs for create, Play, Work and Develop which highlight new app suggestions by Editorial team of Mac App Store.

Please Leave comments below what you think about the new MacOS Mojave.

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