Samsung Galaxy Fold, will be Canceled?

Everything was going good for Samsung but when it released the Galaxy Fold review units and the feedback was not good.

Almost every Samsung Galaxy Fold review or article is telling that foldable phones are still in future, There are issues with phone protector also in screen display.

As TheVerge stated in their review:

The Verge and CNBC — had review units with similarly catastrophic results but much more mysterious causes. I still don’t know how I got the bulge in my first Fold’s hinge that ultimately destroyed its flexible OLED panel, but it happened.

Galaxy Fold is not durable, But how can Samsung produce a phone without checking its durability?

Samsung released a video which shows robots testing phones folding durability.

But still Samsung has not made it durable to last for a month for normal use,

Samsung used a plastic protector on the screen in place of Gorilla Glass because of folding but The plastic cannot protect it from scratches and The protective plastic is easy to remove so if it is removed than the screen will be exposed.

Currently Samsung has canceled the pre-orders for Galaxy Fold and The release date is delayed, Samsung is working to find a solution for this or maybe the phone gets canceled but let’s just hope for good.


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