Facebook Security Breach 50 Million Users Accounts Exposed

Facebook Security Breach 50 Million Users Accounts Exposed

Recently on September 16, There was some unusual activity on Facebook and it was a security breach,

It was the biggest hacking attack in Facebook’s history. And it took Facebook 11 days to stop and recover.

It’s been a week or some days the details are shared publicly but still there are not much details about it.

Like how many users were effected by it or which country people were target or What facebook is doing about it?

Some sources claim that around at least 50 million users accounts were compromised or the hackers could have logged into those accounts and accessed their data like private messages etc.

Facebook’s 50 Million Users data can be openly shared

If the hackers have collected data they can share millions of users data online or accounts details online,

OR maybe nothing happened it was just an attack which was not successful to collect any data but just disturbed the site?

But the day is not far away Facebook company will have to share the hacking details publicly very soon and If you want to delete your Facebook account now you can find the instruction on WireDiscover.

Facebook may never share the full details about attack or because if the data is stolen this can create a big problem for Facebook as people trust facebook that is why they have private data on it.

Please share your thoughts what you think about it in the comments section.


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