Xbox Series X backwards compatibility?

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility?

As we are getting close to nextgen gaming consoles this question comes into every gamer’s mind, weather the old Xbox One or Xbox 360 games will run on this new console?

Many players have huge library of games and losing all those games when moving to Xbox Series X is a very heart breaking thought.

Xbox Series X backwards compatibility with Xbox One

This time Microsoft’s focus is on gamers and their plan is to have all Xbox One games working on Xbox Series X on launch day except those games which require Kinect.

It is just not good for gamers but it is great for a new console to have thousands of games available on launch, You will be able to play your purchased Xbox One game on next xbox it means the Xbox Series X backwards compatibility is awesome.

Also Microsoft has mentioned that Xbox One games will look better on Xbox Series X without any kind of game update or patch from developers.

“Your favorite games will load faster and look and perform many times better on the new console.”

Old Xbox One games will load faster because of SSD.

Not only games but accessories of Xbox One will work on new console and Xbox Series X backwards compatibility will add HDR to older Xbox consoles games which did not support HDR natively.

We might see some older Xboxes games with improved fps because of very powerful hardware.

Microsoft is taking backwards compatible to a new level with its upcoming Xbox Series X console Please let us know in the comments below which console you are going to get?


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