Sony E3 2018 Important Announcements (Videos Inside)

Sony E3 has been finished and Now we have some new gameplays.

Before the E3 Playstation 5 in 2020, Says John Kodera But still We were hoping for any announcement or Hint of Next Playstation (PS5).

But in entire E3 Showcase Sony did not announce or talk about it and As Microsoft has said that they are working on Next Xbox.

The first Game that Sony Showed was

The Last of US Part 2 Gameplay

In the gameplay we can see the quality of detail like the environment is really beautiful, And Enemies talk to each other with their names.

But where is Joel?


Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay

This really shows that Sucker Punch can make games in other genres. Fighting is amazing with a sword.

And once again I love the environment really enjoyed watching Gameplay.


3rd Control Announcement

For a second i thought it is the Quantum Break 2 from Remedy but it is not but It is just like Quantum Break,

But it will as the game has many things in common.


Destiny 2 FORSAKEN Trailer Revealed

Destiny 2 FORSAKEN is has been announced with a Trailer.


Resident Evil fans will be happy as

Resident Evil 2 is announced

Resident Evil 2 is coming to PS4 and Resident Evil 2 released in 1998.

Resident Evil 2 remake will be released on January 25, 2019.


Next is the Hideo Kojima game

Death Stranding Gameplay

Kojima Says: Norman Reedus plays a character called Sam.

And he is a some kind of Delivery man,

Currently there is no any details of what kind of world we are in,

OR what happened to the world?

Release Date: Before 2019


Spiderman gameplay

Spiderman gameplay shows that how much work is done, The story looks to be good as we can see many good villains.

Spiderman is set to release on September 7, 2018.


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God of War Part 1 Walkthrough/Gameplay “THE MARKED TREES”

These were the most important announcements from Sony E3 and Please like, Share and Comment below.


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