How can i play PS3 games on PS4?

Can i play PS3 games on the PS4

Playstation 3 is very old console now but it had great games from indie games to exclusives. Playstation 3 system cell processor architecture was unique & powerful, It was a supercomputer but nightmare for developers.

Except Sony first party studios or We can say except PS3 exclusive games developers almost all other third party developers struggled to make games on Playstation 3.

So How can i play PS3 games on the PS4?

PS4 system architecture is different from ps3 it’s a x86 architecture so Playstation 4 is not backward compatible but many ps3 games are remastered for ps4,

Like uncharted collection, last of us remaster and many more.

But can i play all PS3 games on PS4? you cannot play all ps3 titles on ps4, I still miss these ps3 games which i used to play with my friends Killzone 3 multiplayer, vikings attack and The amazing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Playstation Now is a cloud gaming service by Sony and it has all the games that are not remastered for PS4 so if you want to play any playstation 3 or any older playstation game then you can use the Playstation Now service.

There are rumors that upcoming Playstation 5 will be fully backward compatible with PS4 and will be able to emulate ps3 games, if it is true then PS5 will be a great console to have fun.

Please let us know what playstaion 3 games you are missing on PS4.


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