Google’s Cloud Gaming Platform Stadia

Stadia Cloud Gaming Service

In the GDC 2019 Google announced the Stadia, video games streaming service which works through browser chrome.

Stadia will bring pc games to your phone or pixel book, Google streaming technology will bring anything new or just same as current gaming streaming services?

Currently google showed demos playing the games from browser using Stadia service which streams games from Google data centers around the world. Users will be able to use Playstation, Mouse/Keyboard or Xbox controller for playing games and Google introduced Stadia Controller.

Stadia Games Streaming

The quality of games will be great as Stadia will offer 10 teraflops for developers and id Softwares also showcased studio’s upcoming title DOOM Eternal on Stadia Platform. Google did not share the prices or plans of Stadia but we can imagine comparable prices as other platforms. Stadia will be launching this year 2019 and will cover United States, UK, Canada and Europe.


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