Tesla Model 3 Already Got 276K Pre Orders

Few Days ago Tesla revealed its latest car Model 3 and now the people have already Pre-Ordered 276K Model 3 Electric Car. Company CEO Elon Musk Revealed it early today in a tweet that they have got 232K Pre Orders For There Latest Car.

Model 3 232k orders

A day after the announcement the number was 180,000, and the average cost of $45,000 per vehicle. if you do not know that the Model 3 Starts at $35,000.

Model 3 orders at 180,000 in 24 hours


And the latest Pre Orders Figures are


276K Model 3 Orders by end of sat

IT is a Great news for the company but it is also a challenge for them to produce that much cars in a short time well we do not know how they are gonna do it we hope that the will do it.

Model 3 Production planning rethink

For More Information Please Visit Tesla Motors or Elon Musk Twitter.


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