10.5-inch iPad Pro Revealed, Specs, Price

10.5-inch iPad Pro Revealed, Specs, Price

Now say good-bye to 9.7-inch model and Welcome the iPad Pro 10.5-inch which is coming this year.

It is same size and weight but with bigger screen that is great and also the body is slim,

Bezels are thick which makes it fantastic,

But will it be easier to hold? Where thumbs supposed to go? Well Apple it will be not that much of a problem I hope so.

iPad 10.5-inch with 120Hz Display?

iPad Pro 10.5 iOS 11
iOS 11 Bottom Dock like Mac.

Apple introduced 120Hz display the old iPads are 60Hz and The new iPad Pro 10.5-inch is 120Hz display but right now telling difference is difficult,

It will be great when actually using it and The display is True Tone now which was last year introduced but not featured in 9.7 iPad Pro,

True Tone actually tweaks the screen’s color temp according to surroundings.

Now let’s talk about Specs, It has A10X Fusion Processor which is same chipset like iPhone 7 but more powerful,

The shown iPad Pros were running the new iOS 11 But when these iPads launches you will be using iOS 10 on them as Apple will release iOS 11 later.

With new features and power of iOS 11 the line between MacBook and iPad is getting blurry,

Apple is trying to make iPad Pros more powerful and making them to do more tasks which will make them more effective.

For more news from WWDC 2017.


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